Best Massage Chair Pad Consumer Reports Reviews in 2020

Want expert advice on buying the best massage chair pad consumer reports reviews? We’ve made a list of top rated good quality massage chair cushions for you.

Want a way to unwind after a hard day’s work? So opt for massage cushions or chair cushions. With these, it is sure, the results will be satisfactory because not only will your muscles be relieved but also, they will positively impact your blood circulation.

Best of all, these cushions are also very effective against certain diseases such as spondylosis and arthritis.

Considering the many benefits of these types of cushions, we decided, to help you find the best ones without the hassle, to get you a complete buying guide as well as massage cushion reviews.

Regarding massage chair cushions, we offer you opinions that will surely be useful to you when you want to find the best models.

The massage cushion is especially designed to help you get back in shape after physical exertion or simply a long day. When shopping, several details must be determined if you want to make an excellent investment. Among them, you must, among other things, determine if its cover is removable and washable, if its design is ergonomic and if it offers several options. 

Our buying guide can help you see a little more clearly by detailing some essential characteristics. You can already set your choice on the Naipo Shiatsu Heating Function which adapts to all areas of the body. It has 4 massage heads to give you relief in every possible way. 

Homedics SP-19H is also an excellent massage cushion with adjustment possibilities to be adapted to the neck, shoulders and feet, for example.

List of Best Massage Chair Pad Consumer Reports

  1. Naipo Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad for Neck and Back Hip, Relieve Muscle Pain
  2. NURSAL Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion with Heat Function
  3. Five S Fs8812 Ten Motor Massage Cushion With Heat
  4. Tenker Back and Neck Massaging Cushion
  5. Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager
  6. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Massage Pillow with Heat
  7. Etekcity Shiatsu Massage Cushion Infrared Heating Massager
  8. Naipo Shoulder and Neck Massager with Shiatsu 3D-Rotating Massager Rollers

1. Naipo Shiatsu Massage Chair Pad for Neck and Back Hip, Relieve Muscle Pain

This massage cushion is one of the best remedies against stress and pain. Above all, you have the possibility to use it where you want and when you want without any difficulty. And to ensure effective and complete relief, this device gives you the possibility to choose the massage that best meets your needs among the 4 available modes: pulsed, tapping, percussion and wave. These massage methods are effective for both relaxation and recovery. However, it is necessary to know that each mode corresponds to a type of massage.

Besides the massage modes, you also have control over the speed of the intensity. This can be personalized and you have the choice of slow, medium or fast speed for a stimulating massage that suits you the most.

In any case, with this device you will benefit from a relaxing and complete massage. Indeed, thanks to the multiple positions, this device allows you to benefit from the stimulation of several pressure points from the spine to the legs.

And to allow you to benefit from the heating function, this massager has provided you with two independent heating zones. Thus, 5 minutes is enough to allow the heat to reach 50 degrees and to maintain. However, this function stops as soon as it reaches 50 degrees but it turns back on automatically when the temperature drops below 35 degrees. This is because the maximum temperature of the massager’s surface is 35/50 degrees and the heating function can be independently activated or deactivated.

It should be noted that this massager has a thicker cushion to relieve you from fatigue and unique EVA material accompanied by a soft foam cushion for a more comfortable massage seat. This cushion is very easy to transport thanks to its lightness. Better, with its ergonomic design that matches the natural curvature of the spine , its installation in your car is easy.

2. NURSAL Back Massager Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion with Heat Function

As its name suggests, the Shiatsu back massage cushion acts on the entire dorsal area. From the neck to the lower back through the upper back, this device is very effective in relieving you of any muscle tension in this area. And far from being limited to that, this massage device helps to improve blood circulation. But, it should be noted that to achieve this result, not only the massage must be deep but also it must be rolling. Thus, the integration of double vibration motors at the hips will facilitate the relaxation of your whole body while strengthening its functioning.

And for a much more complete massage for total satisfaction on the part of the user, the different massage heads will act at the same time, thus imitating the technique of rolling massage at the massage professional. And in addition to the massage heads, there is also the intervention of a certain number of functions among which, the 4 Shiatsu massage nodes, which can also be personalized, in the neck area and 4 others which ‘occupy the lumbar area and the back.

These last knots will make a kneading massage according to the positions that you will determine at your convenience. You also have the option of activating or deactivating the heating function separately, plus you have 3 levels of vibration massage on the seat cushion. In short, with this massage device,you have full control over the type of massage you are going to receive and by purchasing the product you will, in addition to the cushion, receive an AC adapter, a car adapter and an instruction manual. Only after a 15-minute session, the cushion stops immediately.

In short, this massage cushion has the necessary systems for effective relief of the back, lower back and upper back. It is for this reason that it is considered a versatile device. In addition, this massage cushion has wide portability as it can be moved from place to place which means you can take it with you to the office. Especially since the motor doesn’t make a lot of noise so you can use it at home or in the office.

3. Five S Fs8812 Ten Motor Massage Cushion With Heat

This vibrating knead seat cushion is appropriate for the neck, back, and thighs. It highlights 3 back rub speeds, 4 back rub programs, and an autonomous warmth on/off catch.

It comprises four zones: M1 for the shoulders/upper back, M2 for the lower back, M3 for the lumbar, and M4 for the thighs. Its other uncommon highlights and determinations incorporate chip control, 30-minute programmed shut-down, and 110-220V AC power necessity.

This gadget runs on four projects: Program 1 cycles through every one of the four zones in four unique phases of speed up. Program 2 cycles through every one of the four zones, diminishing starting with one zone then onto the next zone. The program 3 cycles through each of the four zones, moving from M1 and 2, 2 and 3, 3 and 4, and 4 and 1. Program 4 cycles through each of the four zones together and tenderly blurs into all zones.

4. Tenker Back and Neck Massaging Cushion

Tenker presents to you a back rub pad produced using top notch PU calfskin with breathable work plan. It additionally has a high flexible tie to keep the pad immovably in any seat. You have 4 back rub choices which are appropriate for all your different needs and wants. The Shiatsu alternative has 8 manipulating knead notes, 4 for neck and the other 4 for the back that goes all over giving you a loosening up rub.

The moving choice will be useful for your neck to alleviate those tight muscles. They can turn both clockwise and against clockwise relying upon your requirements. Vibration back rub will be consoling for thighs and hip and you can alter the power level.

It additionally accompanies a warming component that will give you a relieving experience. The back rub pad runs for 15 minutes and turns off consequently to abstain from overheating. The pad is worked by the corded hand regulator and helpful to utilize.

5. Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Pick your preferred seat in the house and turn it in to a fabulous back and neck massager. Position this Comfier neck and back massager and analysis with an entire host of various back rub alternatives.

Look over a moving back rub, which was mainstream with those exploring the item, or maybe go for a loosening up air pressure insight.

Select 2D and 3D finger pressure Shiatsu and the hubs will move all through the back rub cushion to intently imitate the hands of a masseuse. Vibration and warmth capacities add to the full spa-like insight.

Regarding rubbing any back torment, you can focus on your upper, lower or full back, or utilize the spot highlight to truly hit the imprint.

Individuals portrayed how simple it was to utilize and the unbelievable alleviation they encountered from their long haul back agony issues. One individual said they utilized it for 10 minutes consistently and it had given them their life back!

6. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager Massage Pillow with Heat

There is nothing better than a good massage session to give you relief after a hard day’s work. And, having your own massager at home is much more comfortable than going to a massage professional every time. Thus, you will have the opportunity to enjoy it as much as you want without any constraints. It is for this reason that a certain number of massage massage devices have been put on the market, including this one. Its primary objective is to ensure complete relaxation and improve your blood circulation while providing you with ideal comfort.

And with its compact size, you’ll have the ability to enjoy it anywhere – at home, in the office or even in your vehicle.This is thanks to a UL certified adapter and a car adapter which will be delivered to you at the same time as the cushion.

To do this, this massage device, with its automatic formula that allows it to change direction all the time, offers you a 3D shiatsu massage that will allow you to relax and relieve your muscles, freeing them from any tension. One of the biggest advantages of this product is safety: Not only does it stop automatically after a 20-minute session, but it has a safety system that prevents any possibility of overheating.

The other advantage of this product relates to the ease of use. All done thanks to the ON / OFF switch. Whether it is to turn on the device with the heating function, to stop the massager or to deactivate the massager. But for this last point it will be necessary to press for at least 3 seconds. And to familiarize yourself with the product, an instruction manual will be issued to you. And to allow you to use it even in a vehicle or at the office or at home, you will be entitled to a car adapter and another wall adapter.

7. Etekcity Shiatsu Massage Cushion Infrared Heating Massager

Comfort and efficiency are the two words that characterize this massager. Indeed, with its 8 nodes which act together, Etekcity Masseur Shiatsu allows you to enjoy a deep kneading massage which will allow you to relax and be relieved of any pain, any muscle tension.

And for the repair and soothing of sore muscles, you have the option of choosing the heated massage function, which also provides you with all the necessary comfort. Thus, we can safely say that using this massage pillow is one of the best solutions to free yourself from stress and relax after a hard day at work.

And to ensure complete relaxation allowing you to face a new day, this massage accessory has nodes capable of intervening in all areas of your body thanks to its power of change of direction, thus providing you with optimal comfort.

In relation to safety too, you will not have to worry because your device does not risk overheating for one second because it is equipped with a safety system allowing it to turn off immediately after operation after 20 minutes. Also, thanks to its design you can position it ergonomically on chairs, sofas or even on the beds in the living room.

For use, whether in the office or at home, you just need to connect the device to the AC adapter. And, you want to install it on your office chair, you will only have to manipulate the angles and the DC adapter makes it easy for you when you want to install it on your vehicle seat in order to do a trip with.

And thanks to its many advantages, this accessory is recommended for people suffering from neck pain, back pain and muscle fatigue as well as for those who spend all day in front of a computer screen. It can also be a real relief for office workers, those who are stressed. You can even buy this product as a gift and give it to someone dear to you.

Small downside that we have identified, the product cable is a bit short in our opinion. Besides, many other customers complain about the same problem.

8. Naipo Shoulder and Neck Massager with Shiatsu 3D-Rotating Massager Rollers

You’ve just had a hard day at work and just want to relax, relieve all that stress on your shoulders as well as your neck, then you can definitely get the Naipo shoulder and neck massager. With this device, you can be reassured, you will quickly get rid of all the pain in these areas. The reason is simple, thanks to its 4 rotating heads, you will benefit from a real shiatsu massage, very effective and allows you to relax very quickly from any tension.

And with the reverse massage heads, you will quickly forget all the pain in the neck and shoulders. It will be as if you have never felt fatigue in these parts of your body. In addition to these advantages, there is also the improvement of blood circulation and the relaxation of tense muscles.

And to allow you to get the most out of your device even when you are in your vehicle, a car adapter will be issued to you at the same time as your massager. However, it is not recommended to use it while driving.

With regard to safety too, all measures have been taken to prevent your device from overheating. This is why this massager never works for more than 20 minutes, after this time it turns off automatically. This is also a way to protect yourself as you may fall asleep during your session.

So, if you are a person who spends a lot of time in front of a computer, if you are used to going long distances or if you are an elderly person, then do not hesitate, go and get this device as soon as possible. It can only be of benefit to you. And in the delivery package, in addition to your device and an AC adapter, you will also be entitled to an anti-dust cloth that you can place above the massage balls so as not to suffer friction pain after a period of time. rather long massage.


Massage cushions are not what is lacking in the market, on the contrary, there are so many of them that you could be wrong. There are many models and everyone claims to have the best. So making the right choice is not easy if you want to get it for the first time or if you are not familiar with the environment. Follow the tips in this guide and you’re sure to find the one that’s right for you.


Number of massage nodes

Determining factors in the work of massage cushions, the nodes should be in sufficient number. Indeed, since they are responsible for massaging the back, it is therefore advisable to look for a cushion that has as many knots as possible. However, it should be noted that it all depends on the size and design of the cushion because some cushions can have up to 14 massage nodes.

Movement of massage nodes

As underlined above, the number of massage nodes is very important, it is even necessary but it is not the only factor to take into account. The movements of these nodes are also determining. In principle, these knots make movements all along your back, that is, they move from top to bottom. However, according to your convenience, they can rotate in the same area, so your back, in both directions. The best models are those having both actions simultaneously: up and down while rotating.

The distribution of the massage nodes is also not unimportant. It all depends on the model you want, the distribution can be equal between the level of the backrest and that of the headrest. In this case, each area has 2 to 4 nodes and the back is massaged from top to bottom as the headrest takes care of the neck from its different angles.

For models that have fixed nodes, the massage is done in the form of rotation in both directions. But there, you have the possibility of modifying the direction of these movements manually or automatically according to the model you have.

Heated or thermal massage

This type of massage is essential if you want a relaxing and comfortable massage. So if you really want to feel this warmth in your back and neck area, then consider a cushion model that takes this characteristic into account.


Portability is the benefit of having a massage cushion or even a massage chair cushion . Unlike massage chairs, these cushions can be carried by the user whether at work or even when traveling. Again, there is a difference depending on the model because some are easier to take than others. So, when choosing, do not forget to take a model that makes it easier for you to move.


They facilitate the portability of the massage cushion and the massage chair cushion. Depending on the model, the handles can be integrated and in this case portability becomes easier because you just have to grab them in order to carry them.


The weight of a product is very important especially when you plan to travel with it. Lightweight, the cushion becomes easier to carry.

Compact design

This aspect also plays a huge role in the portability of the equipment. A massage cushion with a compact design is easily transported without any difficulty.

Car adapter

Who says portability of a device, transportability, necessarily says compatibility with a vehicle because we will not be able to travel with it if it does not adapt to a vehicle. Which means that this aspect of the vehicle adapter is very important when a device is said to be portable.

It is for this reason that some designers of massage cushions and chair cushions have provided DC cap adapters in order to facilitate power-up. To do this you just need to connect the cushion to the cigarette lighter of the car. In doing so, using your massage cushion in the car will no longer be a problem, especially when you have to do a long distance or when you are driving a truck or an RV.

However, making this precision in size becomes an obligation: You must not use your cushion under any circumstances when you are driving. It can be very dangerous for you and can even cause an accident.

Vibration function

In addition to your back and neck, you also have the option of massaging your buttocks, thighs or even your lower back. But in this case, it is not the nodes which intervene but vibrations. Yep, the manufacturers have realized that knots can be uncomfortable, so they implemented this feature for maximum user satisfaction. Also, with this vibration function, your blood circulation is stimulated and your muscles are relaxed.

So, when you want to have cushions with this vibration function, it is recommended to look for a model with adjustable intensity because with these models you will always have the possibility of adjusting the intensity according to your convenience.


Versatility is one of the determining factors of a massage cushion. It is not free if the massage cushions are the users’ favorite over the massage chair cushions. The explanation for this user behavior is simple: Chair cushions are not versatile unlike massage ones. The latter can in fact be used in different ways. They can massage the back, neck, buttocks, lower back and even thighs, calves and feet while chair cushions are only effective for massaging your back.

 Remote control

A remote control, as its name suggests, makes it easier for you when you want to start, stop or even change the massage function. With a remote control, you will not need to interrupt your session to turn around to modify or stop a function in progress. Your remote control will take care of this mission. And unlike some remote controls which have too short a wire, the one for massage pads has a length that allows you to control your device even when you are lying on the massage pad.

Massage styles

Massage cushions and chair cushions each have their own massage technique, but if you have the option of incorporating other techniques as well, better. Besides, with this behavior you have every chance to find the technique that suits you the most.

Massage speed and intensity controls

Having control over the speed and intensity of a material is always an advantage and massage cushions as  well as massage chair cushions are no exception to this general principle.

On the contrary, it is better to have control of these two factors with these types of cousins. This will allow you to regulate everything at your convenience because you must not forget that everyone is not the same, one is more sensitive than the other. Other people also like very intense massages. So the best solution is to look for a cushion with adjustable intensity and speed.

It is for this reason that many manufacturers have chosen to install a speed control system, especially for the vibrating seat. However, it may happen that the cushion you want to buy does not have it, in which case the means are not lacking. As we say “all roads lead to Rome” therefore, put forward your tips to have what you want, personalize your massage experience. A towel can be used as padding between you and the chair if the massage is too rough for you. Otherwise, if you want a rougher massage, you have the option of leaning more against the massage cushion because the closer you get to the massage nodes, the rougher the massage will be.

Massage programs

Depending on the model you have, you have the option of having a predefined program or a manual program. Indeed, some models of massage cushions offer a predefined massage program and to make use of it, it’s simple, just choose the option that suits you the most among those offered by the device. But there are models that have a manual program. There, it will be up to you to create your own massage program. In this case, you will have the freedom to create the type of massage that suits you the most.

Safety devices

Safety is a very important factor but you should know that not all models guarantee this safety, especially in case of overheating. Certainly, some manufacturers take this into account and have incorporated an automatic safety device. And with these types of massage cushions and chair cushions, prevention is the rule. It is for this reason that after a few minutes of walking, the cushion stops functioning immediately. Indeed, depending on the model, after 5 to 20 minutes of walking, the cushion stops. And with this behavior, the device is not likely to overheat. Best of all, your energy won’t suffer when you forget to turn it off after use.

Because, it should be specified that many models have a predefined shutdown period but this is not always the case insofar as other models allow you to customize this duration.


There are many types of massage cushions on the market. And depending on your choice, you will see advantages but also disadvantages. Here, we show you the offers for each model, one way to help you make the right choice.


Electronic vibration massage is available in several models of massage chair cushions. It is a type of massage that is offered by most massage cushions. It even exists at the massage professional. Unlike the cushions which produce it with the help of a motor in the form of jolting and jostling movements, the professional uses the palms of his hands. He can also perform this technique with the heel of the hand or the fingertips.

In relation to the results given, it all depends on the intensity of the movement. With slow and light movements, this type of massage is calming but it can stimulate when the movements are firm and fast. In any case, a vibration massage is always more effective than when you use simple massage gestures. With a vibration massage, it is your nervous system that is stimulated without taking into account that you will no longer feel pain.


Reduces back pain

It is proven, vibration massages are very effective against body pain. By stimulating the release of endorphins and other chemicals, you are completely relieved of your pain. It is for this reason that even the experts advise to privilege the massages instead of the drugs, the chiropractic care and the acupuncture.

Relaxes muscle spasms

A vibration massage acts directly on the affected area to provide total relief. In addition, with this type of massage, you will notice a marked improvement in the production of the “feel good” hormones, dopamine and serotonin. Those allowing for easier relaxation and a reduction in anxiety and depression. Vibration massage is highly recommended for people living with chronic pain because it works directly on the nerves. So instead of pain you will feel a pleasant tingling sensation.

Blood flow will also increase slightly by the time you are completely free from toxins such as lactic acid causing the pain.

With a vibration massage, even your sleep will not be spared, you will indeed see a marked improvement in your sleep and relief in the affected muscles.

However, just because this type of massage is filled with virtues and benefits does not mean that everyone can benefit from it. There is a category of people who are not suitable for vibration massage, this is the case of pregnant women.


Very well known among the Japanese who are also owners, Shiatsu massage refers to finger pressure in order to stimulate energies in your body. This is also the reason why the professional who wants to apply this type of massage uses the thumbs, fingers, elbows and even sometimes the knees or feet. For its part, with a massage cushion, it is rather the rotating massage nodes that act.


 The advantages of this massage technique are numerous. First, with a shiatsu massage which produces both preventive and corrective effects, you will be completely relieved of your stress but you will also benefit from a much easier digestion.

In addition, this type of massage is very effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, internal diseases and emotional conditions. Muscle stiffness and pain will no longer be part of your worries.

Far from being limited to this, Shiatsu massage also stimulates the skin and improves blood circulation to the surface of the skin and to the sebaceous glands while improving the natural moisture of your skin which will have a young and healthy appearance. It is also very effective against certain chronic pains, especially in the neck, joints, back pain, sciatica, fatigue, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and stress. Finally with this type of massage, arthritis, colds and sinus problems, constipation will no longer be the order of the day.

And unlike vibration massage, Shiatsu massage can be tolerated in pregnant women under certain conditions defined by the attending physician. So, before benefiting from it, a pregnant woman must first obtain permission from her doctor.


Thanks to its many advantages, even the professional masseur often uses this massage technique. To do this, he does it in different ways, including the use of heated stones or the fact of pouring alcohol on your back. These tips allow it to achieve the same results as a heated massage cushion.


Relaxes muscles

A heated massage has several benefits, and making your muscles relaxed is one of them. So, with the heat spreading throughout your back, the pain will be just a bad memory. But more efficiency you have the possibility of acting directly on the painful areas.

Improves blood circulation.

People with blood circulation problems can resort to this type of massage because it is very effective and quickly improves blood circulation.

Helps relieve arthritis pain.

You suffer from arthritis, so prefer heated massages, it is a massage technique that relieves you of your pain as quickly as possible. Thanks to its penetrating power, this type of massage acts directly on painful areas while stimulating your blood circulation.

You suffer from joint pain, so do regular heated massages as they are very effective, it is even one of the most effective pain relief treatments. With this behavior, it is certain that your pain will soon be bad memories thanks to its power to penetrate your body, thus stimulating your blood circulation. The latter will also improve your immune system and your blood pressure while making it easier to manage anxiety and depression.

Muscle stiffness, symptoms of autoimmune diseases, lack of sleep, rheumatoid arthritis, with all these difficulties you will find the solution with good regular heated massage sessions.


At the massage professional, rolling massage consists of lifting and rolling the skin between the fingers and the thumbs. But with a cushion, the work is made possible thanks to the movement of the knots that move from the top to the bottom at the level of your back.


If you are looking for an effective means against muscle tension, the rolling massage technique is specially made for you. This natural massage technique frees you from muscle pain in record time. With regular sessions, not only will muscle pain no longer be a problem for you but you will get rid of a number of chronic pains but also your skin will appear younger and healthier without counting a marked improvement in blood circulation. . In addition, rolling massage is recommended in cases of insomnia, arthritis not to mention the recovery of injuries, back pain among others.


With this type of massage, the compression is intermittent and the underlying tissues and other bone structures are the factors involved in the performance of this massage technique. Aware of its effectiveness, even the professional has relied on his experience to create a similar technique. In doing so, instead of the knots for the massage cushion, the masseur compresses the tissue for him using the palms of his hands.


Nerves, pain, tense muscles, toxins in your muscles, swelling, arthritis, anxiety and depression are among others the different targets of this massage technique. In addition, it works for muscle flexibility and improved blood circulation and blood pressure. Added to this is also its impact in facilitating recovery from injury and muscle relaxation.


The importance of a massage cushion on the health of the person is well established. However, you have to know how to use it to benefit from these multiple advantages. And it is for the sake of helping you make good use of it that we are going to give you some tips.


When after a few sessions you notice a certain relaxation of the muscles in your back, know that you are on the right track because this is the first thing you will make when using the cushion correctly. A situation that can be explained by the different movements made by the knots in order to relieve you.

One of the biggest benefits of using the back cushion is the full tissue massage. And faced with this situation, we can safely say that this type of massage is more effective than surface massage.

Better with the use of these cushions, you will have a better posture because all the muscles around your spine will be well relaxed which means that they will release their grip on your vertebrae.

Indeed, massage cushions are known for their impact on muscles, they are among the best when it comes to muscle recovery. It is for this reason that they are recommended to athletes but also to people who need massage for better muscle recovery.

Regarding inflammation or pain in the muscles and joints, they will only be old memories. It is through the increased blood flow that the anti-inflammatory chemicals will work directly to provide relief. This technique is very effective in relieving people with arthritis or back pain.

The heated massage integrated into the massage cushions also allows you to loosen knots for a more effective massage and more relaxed muscles.

With this technique even your brain will benefit, it will be relaxed with the heat spreading throughout your back. Suddenly, it will release very effective endorphins against pain. In the end, you will be in a good mood.


Many people currently suffer from pain in the shoulders or neck. A situation which can be explained by the accumulation of tensions in these areas due to the long sitting posture of people during the day.

And if you want to get rid of these problems, using a massage cushion would be a very good solution for you. Also, you will see a clear improvement in your posture, not to mention that your neck muscles will also be relaxed thanks to the knots which will act in all directions.

The increase in blood flow and blood flow will successively allow better blood circulation with the elimination of lactic acid and the provision of anti-inflammatory substances. It is a technique that relieves people with pain in the shoulders and those living with arthritis.

And unlike other techniques where you will need several sessions to get rid of your pain, a single session of neck massage will make you feel more relieved. And it is better to use it at the time of your work. This can be beneficial as your level of concentration will be increased and you will be more motivated and therefore you will be more productive.


Lower back pain is one of the most common laments in the worker. The latter, whether they are most of the time in a standing or sitting position, always says lower back pain. But what he doesn’t know is that with a massage cushion, he will definitely get rid of this pain.

Concerned about your comfort, many manufacturers of massage cushions do not want massage knots integrated into the seats of their products. Instead, they prefer rolling knots that can massage down to the lower back. The fixed nodes can also help you because they act directly on this area in the same way as the vibration massage.

With this last technique, which is also possible on the buttocks and thighs, the local blood circulation is stimulated and the increase in blood flow will also increase your oxygen and nutrients in your muscles, hence the disappearance of toxins. Also, the anti-inflammatory cells will experience an increase causing relief from pain in the hips.

It is also a technique that is recommended for the elderly and those who suffer from arthritis.

Very effective, this technique also acts on the lower back reducing and sometimes being able to eliminate any pain in this area. And with the ability to customize the intensity of the vibrations, you won’t have to feel the jolts and clicks.


 The massage cushions are multifunctional. Indeed, in addition to relieving pain, these cushions, otherwise recommended in certain medical conditions, are very effective against stress and high levels of cortisol. But, one must first know how to use them according to the medical conditions.


When you have spondylosis, massage cushions can be a good pain relief tool. They do this by stimulating acupuncture points while reducing the pressure on your spine. Also your spine will solidify with massage techniques such as kneading or shiatsu.

Vascular disease

Thanks to its power to stimulate blood vessels on the surface as well as in depth, massage cushions can be useful in the treatment of vascular diseases.

Severe back pain

One of the strong points of massage cushions is the relief of lower back pain. Whether severe or not, good massage sessions with a massage cushion can definitely free you from pain in this part of your body. And to achieve these results, the cushion attacks the flow of energy in your back in order to improve them. Thus, your muscles will have more oxygen while eliminating toxins which will allow the brain to release more endorphins which will put an end to your pain.


They are certainly very effective against pain, but massage cushions are not the only ones able to relieve your pain. There are other pain relief devices. However, there is a difference between these devices and here we are going to give you what makes the difference between the devices.


 Affordable, the prices for massage cushions and chair cushions are. This is because unlike other pain relief devices, massage cushions and massage chair cushions are affordable. This is unlike massage chairs where you have to spend a lot of money to get it. And compared to the massage parlor too, the cushions are much more beneficial because not only will you exercise once, but you will have the opportunity to benefit from it when and where you want.


Unlike massage chairs, massage cushions and massage chair cushions do not take up much space. The chair cushion has almost the same dimensions as a normal chair and the massage cushion is even much smaller. There are even massage cushions so small that they can be carried in a backpack.


The versatility of massage cushions is well established. They are effective for massaging a large part of your body: neck, shoulder, lower back, hip, thigh etc. Whatever area you want to massage, if it’s flat, the massage pad can do the job. To do this, you just need to install it on a flat surface and press in order to benefit from its advantages.

However, if you want to massage your feet, you need to place the cushion on the floor and put your feet on it. And when you want a gentler massage, put a towel between the pillow and your feet and you’re done.


Unlike a massage chair, you can move around with your massage cushion. They are so light that you can put them in a backpack to bring it to the office. Manufacturers give great importance to portability that they have even released models that can be folded at the moment and with a handle in order to facilitate portability. Suddenly, you have the possibility to benefit from the advantages of your cushion whether it is at the office, at home or even when you are on the move.

Car compatibility

Always with the aim of making your job easier and allowing you to move around with your cushion everywhere that many manufacturers have provided a car adapter. A system that works for drivers, truckers and simply people who spend a lot of time in a vehicle. Only, for the sake of not causing an accident, the use of these cushions is impossible when you are driving.


Massage cushions are also very practical insofar as you can use them wherever and whenever you want: at the office, in the living room, in front of a TV, in front of the swimming pool etc.


You want a device to massage yourself, but noises, such as from a massage chair bothers you so go for a massage cushion as you will get the desired result and they don’t make a lot of noise. Better still, there are models that are so quiet that the people around you won’t even realize that you are using a massage pad. A cushion is indeed the perfect material when you are at the office.


Your safety and that of your equipment is of the utmost importance to manufacturers. It is for this reason that many designers of these types of hardware have built a system into their product to prevent your hardware from overheating. Better with the same system, the energy consumption is reduced because it switches off automatically after a few moments of use.


Massage cushions are easy to use but you have to use them well. And to do this there are a number of precautions that you must follow for your safety and that of your product.

Choose a good position

It is best to use a massage pad on a flat surface. However, depending on the model, it is possible to use it while securing it with a strap for more security. But in this case, be very careful, take your precautions so that it does not slip and fall when it vibrates.

Avoid misuse

Any excess is harmful. You should never forget this principle, you should always take it into account even when using a massage cushion. These are designed with a well-defined massage program and with a timing that must not be exceeded. The device must always be restarted to start a new session after a maximum of 20 minutes of massage. Especially since there are models that cannot operate too long at the risk of overheating.

Clean up

The cleaning should be done from time to time because it should be remembered that a massage cushion is intended to massage your muscles, so it is possible that it makes you sweat under certain conditions. Hence the need to do cleaning from time to time

Above all, this mission is not very difficult to accomplish. Just use water and mild detergents to clean your device. Strong detergents are harmful to the upholstery and you should unplug the product before cleaning it. And after, always take the time to wipe it off.

Store them properly

Position is also very important, the cushions must be installed vertically or even horizontally. An awkward position can cause damage to the motor and knots of your device. Also, avoid putting heavy objects on the cushion, this is also harmful for knots.


A good reading of the reviews on massage cushions and massage chair cushions as well as the buying guide that we have offered here will be very useful to you when you want to acquire one of these products. This information will even be decisive in your decision.

We have given you all the information on these cushions to help you make the best choice. From models to their offers, nothing has been spared. You just have to know what exactly you want.

One last piece of advice, just because the cushion is very expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best, just look for a model that offers you maximum functionality. Only this way will you get the one that suits you the most.

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